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Can sex toys be harmful to the human body?

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I believe that erotic products are not very harmful as long as they are hygienic and clean and used correctly. My advice is that what is put into the vagina can best be protected by using a condom. In case it falls inside, it can be taken out through the condom; on the other hand, it can prevent unclean contact from causing bad consequences such as inflammation.


Some people feel that masturbation can cause vaginitis, urinary tract infections or abnormal vaginal bleeding, but these are caused by incorrect ways or lack of hygiene and are not the problem of masturbation. Others may feel that masturbation can cause pigmentation of the vulva, which is also incorrect.


Here, I will give you a professional perspective to dispel these rumors about masturbation.


First of all about the matter of masturbation, how it looks in the eyes of doctors. In our opinion, it is actually just like our meals, a perfectly ordinary physical need.


The human female has the clitoris as a structure, and the value of the structure itself exists to produce pleasure. If it were simply for procreation, then the clitoris could be completely absent as a tissue.

In fact, it is the presence of the clitoris that brings pleasure to the body and mind, and allows women to obtain pleasure and delight, or psychological and physical satisfaction, during intercourse. Then, it is possible for women to have sex and these behaviors related to sex.

Of course, not just to look for pleasure, but to reproduce at the same time, to be able to have pleasure and pleasure components exist.

With the development of society, people have reached a level of awareness where we can go beyond the purpose of reproduction itself to get pleasure, pleasure or pleasure, and so on. Such behavior, we think, is not a problem.

Just like in the past, we ate for the sake of our bellies. Now we may eat to have a good experience, or the satisfaction of eating good food, or the food we want to eat. The same is true, because our society is developing, our needs, our so-called requirements or experience of life have new standards.

So in sex or masturbation, in these behaviors, there may be new requirements, which may not be the same as before.

So on top of good protection, choose a good guaranteed product, masturbation will not be harmful to the human body, and even to a certain extent can also enjoy the body and mind, to reduce the daily stress.

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