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How to pick the most suitable sex toys?

We can refer to the following recommendations when choosing toys: 



Do not just focus on the shape of the toy looks good! In addition to choose a beautiful eye, but also to see the fineness of workmanship, there are burrs and impurities do not consider, poor workmanship and good-looking toys can only be an ornament ~


The most helpless way is to smell of the material, there is a slight silicone smell is normal, choose the goods under the big brand, because to meet the standards, so in the choice of raw materials is very off, quality assurance, can make your intimate relationship with him more long.


Choose a silent toy is important! Too much noise can easily affect the mood of the little two or yourself playing and can not concentrate. If the house is not well soundproofed, it can affect the neighbors and even let others know their little secrets.

Toys that are generally loud will heat up the motor over time and may affect later use. Generally the better the quality of the toy, the more it will keep the sound to a minimum.


Charging and batteries

It is recommended to choose rechargeable toys, which have a long lifespan and are also environmentally friendly. Toys with batteries are cheaper, you can choose No. 5 or No. 7 batteries. It is not recommended to use button battery toys, they do not last long and it is not easy to buy suitable button batteries when they run out of power, which is too disturbing.


Whether ergonomic

Many toys are designed to be beautiful, but used on the body found that it is not ergonomic at all, before choosing to observe the shape and design, in addition to the heart, but also in line with the body structure. Choose a toy not only in terms of appearance, material, sound and ergonomics, but also in terms of value for money! Some toys are quite good, but the selling price is not proportional to the performance itself.



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