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Lovemesex Review | KissToy MISS KK Rabbit Sucking Massager

Appearance design

The first thing to look at when you receive the delivery box is that there is no labeling, which is particularly thoughtful, and the privacy of things do not want anyone to know. After taking out the outer layer of the bunny box has a plastic coat, only a cartoon girl on the outer packaging, even if directly seen by friends also think that this is a cosmetic bar! This design fully considers the privacy of the customer.

Open the box to see the pink bunny, the first from the face has captured the hearts of girls, accessories have a black magnetic charging base, charging cable and instructions!

Material touch

The hands feel the overall touch has a sense of senior, using medical-grade silicone feel soft and more delicate.

Switch keys

The two buttons on the back, near the bunny ear is the power switch plus sucking power control keys, near the tail is a different vibration mode switching keys, press to switch modes, the small mouth sucking mode has three, vibration mode actually has ten kinds can choose. When pressing the button or charging, the eyes of the little rabbit will flash.

Vibration motor

High suction motor is still very powerful, first with the lowest gear suction has been very comfortable, a suction and release of the skin feel a special massage. With the highest grade sucked a finger, ten seconds finger numb, I really worried about using her for a long time will suck away my soul ah!

Vibrating mode and sucking mode can not be shared, you can not use the bunny mouth after you start using vibrating mode! But the beauty is that you can use the cute bunny tail to stimulate the beans.

Waterproof performance

Rabbit full body waterproof can also be washed, can be used in the bathtub, if two people play together in the bathtub, the bunny can develop a lot of fun.

Design disadvantages

1. In the sucking mode if there is nothing to plug the rabbit's mouth, it sounds a bit like a low roar, the larger the mode is open when the sound is also louder.

2. This one is charged by magnetic suction, the charging head and base must be aligned as much as possible, otherwise it is easy to touch can not be charged, charging time takes two hours to use is an hour.

Overall use down without a few minutes to fly on the clouds, so the performance is still enough to surprise people, sucking strength will produce a crispy and tingling feeling. As a sucking massager is still a good product, the appearance of the face value of the points will not let people think it is a fun toy, when not in use on the table will not have the slightest sense of incongruity, suitable as a gift to young and trendy pursuit of value of the girl most suitable.

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