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What kind of feminine sex products suitable for newcomers?

Since being engaged in adult products, I have been in contact with numerous erotic products, basically contacted the well-known ones on the market, and I know their production materials, workmanship, and structure like the back of my hand.

Erotic toys and can not just look at the price and function, only choose the best for you.

There are a variety of female sex toys on the market. How do you choose the most suitable sex toys from them?

First of all, what are sex toys?

They can be roughly divided into erotic gifts, condoms, lubricants, erotic products and erotic lingerie. They have an improving effect on sexually indifferent women, dysfunctional men or middle-aged couples who have difficulties in sex. It is more of a toy for young couples. Therefore, modern people should no longer look at erotic products from a colored point of view, but should look at such products from the point of view of love and pleasure.

In the opinion of sexologists, both men and women can solve their physical needs with the help of aids. Not only can they be DIY, but they do not affect or force others. From another point of view, sexual relations are absolutely indispensable in a lasting love, and actively injecting interest into the life of a couple can make love fresher and more lasting.

What are the best sex toys for women?

Common female sex toys are artificial penis, vibrators, vibrating eggs, anal plugs, Kegel balls and so on. Among them, the artificial penis is divided into those without any function, with automatic retraction, and turning beads.

So many products, which one to choose?

If you are a novice, I suggest you start with a jumping egg. Jumping eggs are generally small and suitable for newcomers people. Even if you put it in, it will not cause body tearing and pain.

If you have already purchased two or three jumpers and you can control them perfectly. Then I suggest you buy a vibrator. If you prefer something more realistic, you can choose an artificial penis

What to look for when choosing erotic products?

01 Material safety

The first thing to look for when choosing a fetish toy is the material. Among the jumpers and vibrators, silicone material is the best. Easy to conduct heat, strong sense of vibration, easy to clean, do not penetrate the bacteria.

02 Different products have different ways to play

Different products place different importance on comfort. Vibrators are designed according to female vaginal bionics and fit closely to the structure of women's private parts. The vibrator stimulates the sensitive parts of the body through vibration. There is also a suction nozzle that can precisely stimulate the private parts and stimulate the nerves in the body to bring you to orgasm.

03 Sound

Although there is no shame in using erotic products, but if someone finds you using erotic products will be embarrassed, and the vibration sound of the motor is also related to its quality. General motor vibration sound in about 50 decibels, 45 decibels is best. The quieter the motor, the better the quality and the longer the service life.

Our recommended brands: Kistoy, Svakom, Zalo, Cachito, YYHorse, Viotec etc
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