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What should I do if my parents find out about sex toys?

I was once found by my mother, that low quality product, after all, just graduated is poor ...... at that time I still live with my parents, and my mother likes to clean my room for me, even if I refuse, I can not hidden or turned out. Because I didn't think about the prep, my mum asked me what it was when I actually said it was an alarm clock, lol. She probably comprehended and then didn't pursue it.

A few years later, I brought home a box of sex toy samples from work and my mum excitedly tried to open it to look at it, only for my dad to stop him (my dad is more conservative?)

Let's get to the point. How can I prevent my parents from finding out about sex toys?


Don't live with your parents


You may have to say, this is not nonsense ...... I think high school students college students extenuating circumstances have no choice but to choose the latter option. However, many people graduate from college and want to save money or figure out how convenient it is to refuse to leave their parents. Hurry up and move out from home! Be independent and force yourself to grow into an adult individual from your spirit to your lifestyle.

If you live with your family, it's not convenient to find a boyfriend, girlfriend or a fuck buddy to comfort yourself! Even if you just move your hands, you don't dare to make a sound.

I shared a room myself until I bought a house, and my roommates understood each other even if they made weird noises and wouldn't go into each other's rooms!


Buying toys that are very private is the kind that look like decorations


Nowadays a lot of products go by this idea to advertise themselves as not worrying at all about mum or roommates seeing them! Something that looks like Dildo definitely won't work, nor will something that looks like a typical egg.

So there are two directions: animals and cosmetics. For example, if you tease a ice-cream, Chicken, Bunny, KK rabbit, Kitty, Dolphin or lipstick like this, your parents ask what it is and say it's a small ornamental gift.




well such as a box inside the dead corner of the wardrobe, or even a locked one. Buy the kind of doll that can be zipped up and put something inside. Put in fake flower pots inside various secret agent like secret service. 


Once found


Pluck up the courage to it if the parents find out and they see right through it is a toy. The next step is the situation of the subject. The parents are particularly unaccepting and humiliatingly abusive. The parents are very squirrelly, side-splitting or joking.  Or just say how you feel with your parents: I'm not very comfortable, please don't laugh at me. Because it's your privacy, and you can ask them not to talk about it.

At the end of the day, it's a matter of human confidence and we are equal when it comes to our parents. Using toys and masturbating are things we do on our own, and our parents are just as likely to be doing it. We all have our own boundaries.

I just have a sex life, albeit just with myself! I just buy toys! There's nothing wrong with buying toys!

We can have a lot of conflicts with our parents that are difficult to resolve.

The best solution is to communicate, put aside what you don't accept and live happily on your own.

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