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3" Tail Plug White/Pink/Black Bunny Silicone

3" Tail Plug White/Pink/Black Bunny Silicone

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Wanna have sex like bunnies? Our 3" Tail White/Pink Bunny Silicone plug will help you reach that glorious pinnacle. The cute bunny plug will surely steal the heart of your partner. This bunny tail is available in white and rose pink. Get tons of sex when you wear this adorable bunny tail plug.

The cute silicone plug features a tapered design for easier insertion, a wide middle part to give you a feeling of fullness, a slender neck for the sphincter to hug, and a wide base that prevents the plug from making any unwanted travel. Attached to a fluffy, faux fur.

The 3" Tail White/Pink Bunny Silicone plug is soft, smooth and pliable, making it an ideal plug for beginners. For first time users, start small and soft. The anus is known to have the highest concentration of nerve ending; therefore, the anal lining is delicate and sensitive. Shoving something inside the butt should be done with great care.

Even though our 3" Tail White/Pink Bunny Silicone plug is softer than other types of plugs, the whole process should not be rushed and forced. Before shoving the plug inside, apply an ample amount of water-based lubricant on the device and in your anus. Avoid using a silicone-based lube to silicone toys as this will degrade quality.

Circle the anus with a finger then slowly insert it inside. As much as possible, try to stretch the muscles. Insert another finger if deemed necessary. Slowly, slide the silicone plug inside. Enjoy the feeling of fullness and tease your partner as you strut your behind.

Silicone is non-porous; thus, it is very easy to clean. Run warm water over the device and use anti-bacterial soap. You can also disinfect the toy by soaking it in boiling water for a few minutes. Do not let it touch the bottom of the pot as it may deform the toy. Wipe it dry and store in a cool, dry place.

Looks can be deceiving, but this cute bunny tail plug will get the job done! Get charmed with our 3" Tail White/Pink Bunny Silicone plug. Get yours ASAP!


Fur: White, Rose Pink

Plug: Pink, Black

Type Tail Plug

Plug: SIlicone



Handle: n/a

Plug:7 cm (2.76 in.)


Handle: 8 cm (3.15 in.)

Plug:2.8 cm (1.1 in.)

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