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Black Bunny Tail Plug Metal, 3" 3 Sizes

Black Bunny Tail Plug Metal, 3" 3 Sizes

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Size Chart

Let's make your booty lusciously attractive, so you can twerk it with confidence and sassiness. We know you want to give your butt a sweet treat, so here's a little something for your backdoor enjoyment. Our Black Bunny Tail Plug Metal, 3" 3 Sizes, will transform you into a horny, playful bunny that is ready for unlimited humping.

This luxe and thick furball is made of high-quality synthetic fur. Its soft strands will tickle your butt cheeks, giving you additional sensual stimulation. It is jet black, creating a striking contrast when it is squeezed between those flawless cheeks. This fur is securely attached to the plug so that it stays on no matter how wild the pulling gets.

The plug is solid stainless steel, so it weighs heavy in the bum. But instead of discomfort, this teardrop-shaped metal provides a delightfully full feeling. It's super smooth and tapers at the tip for easy insertion. Its long, slender neck allows comfortable long-term wear while its flared base ensures that it won't travel any further. It's free from any nicks and sharp edges, so feel free to slide it in and leave it there. It comes in three sizes, so choose which one suits your needs best.

Make it slick and slippery with your favorite lube because it's compatible with all. Your bottle of lubricant will surely go a long way with this super-smooth plug. And since it is metal, you can submerge it in hot or ice-cold water for temperature play. If you're a beginner, go slow and gentle to avoid tearing that delicate opening. It's made for all genders, so don't hesitate to wear one.

If you're looking for a fun way to dilate that bunghole of yours, then this bunny tail plug will get your ass ready for bigger surprises. So hump your way to the peak with this tail. Make it yours in just a few clicks!

Color Tail: Black
Butt Plug: Silver
Type Tail Plug
Material Tail: Synthetic Fur
Butt Plug: Stainless Steel
Length Butt Plug
Small -2.8 inches
Medium -3.2 inches
Large -3.8 inches
Width Butt Plug
Small -1.1 inches
Medium -1.4 inches
Large -1.6 inches
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