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Leten A380 IV Automatic Piston Telescopic Heating Male Masturbator

Leten A380 IV Automatic Piston Telescopic Heating Male Masturbator

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It is well known that when a woman is riding, she will move up and down the piston, it can also twist the waist and hips; The A380 4th generation simulates the movements of the flight attendant throughout the whole process, bringing extraordinary high-level pleasure. The new piston rocking technology simulates the trajectory of vaginal movement, restoring the real-life pose of the twisting waist and swinging hips! Achieve an amazing 370 times/minute. Breakthrough technical bottlenecks, realizing the passion for the upper position.  It gives full hypnotic ejaculation as its passion and speed are visible. You can feel the thrilling human-computer interplay. It will neither stick nor stop.

This sex machine is made up of TPE and ABS material. This will give the sexy feel and you will start loving it.  This is flexible, smooth, and silky and will wrap you firmly. You will freely love the attendant so it gives a sexy flight. This realistic exercise will decrease the reactivity.  Its skin type material will strike the internal telescopic shape, the penis will not leave passage. This imitated passage will colloid with a human-machine type structure having 3 parts then each inch will fix accurately. 

The most attractive stewardess gasping, professional flight attendants broadcast your desires and feel them in the cockpit. As a man, it's impossible for you not to hear how much she wants, right? Two pronunciation modes are freely chosen, the sound is played out, and you can enjoy unbridled love; Playthrough headphones, and immerse yourself in the sexual bliss of the two of you. There is warm sex, there is the warmth of love; A380IV is hot and exciting throughout the whole process, like a flight attendant's body temperature blending with you. feel her fire as soon as you come in, 39℃ accompanies you to the end, 360-degree package warms full penis

The masturbation cup offers 10 variable types of frequency.  It has ten upper rhythms so you can take turns and enjoy. You can switch the multi-stage change and then match your own pattern. The privacy guaranteed sex machine has both piston and swing modes. It has got 5 main upgrades. Because of the transparent window, you can control it during watching. It gives excellent heating. The machine needs 4 hours to be fully charged. After charging it fully you can use it continuously for more than 45 minutes. You can easily charge it by USB charge. The toy is made very easy to clean also. While working it will produce noise of almost 80db or even less than this. You can conveniently enjoy its pleasure without any kind of stress.

Five major upgrades, new rocking piston, simulated vagina, infinitely variable speed control, large transparent window, and fully intelligent heating;
  • Piston + swing, the special transmission structure simulates the movements of the waist and hips of a real person, twisting the waist and swinging the hips, and the upper position is full of passion;
  • Simulated vagina road wrap, Q-elastic flexible skin-like material, the penis is held in the whole process, and the pleasure is not leaked at all;
  • Infinitely variable speed control, immersive control pleasure, precise adjustment of retraction speed, speed, and passion are all visible;
  • The large panoramic window allows you to control and watch at the same time, and the unique design of the large transparent window allows you to enjoy the visual/tactile double crit;
  • The full intelligence warms the body temperature, the constant temperature is about 39 degrees, and the whole process is hot and exciting, and you are in love with the flight attendant;
Material: Silicone, ABS, TPE
Size: 322*88*105mm
Charging method: USB magnetic charging
Charging time: Within 4 hours
Usage time: 45 minutes or more
Weight: About 980g
Noise: ≤80DB

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