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TENGA 3D Male Masturbator

TENGA 3D Male Masturbator

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TENGA 3D SPIRAL Male Masturbator
TENGA 3D imported from Japan, processed with newly developed Ag antibacterial technology (X),colloidal antibacterial, safe and hygienic. According to the antibacterial standard certification of apanese industrial specification IS Z 2801.
Not only a masturbator, but also a work of art.The pleasant sensation described by edges and twisted structures the three dimensional space formed by the hexagonal surface is twisted, and a subtle and continuous stimulation produced by a segment of thin edges, while the spiral pill's edge is deepening the dynamic stimulation, the pleasure generated by these two stimuli is very suitable for people who like soothing or intense. 
The pleasant sensation generated by irregular height difference contrast the height difference in the interior is set to be random, higher bulges will produce intense stimulation, and lower bulges will produce soft and comfortable stimulation the randomly configured strength difference produces a comparison of pleasant sensation, which can satisfy people who like stimulation.
The delicate scratches on the whole of the product, the fine lines played along the side produce a delicate stimulation, and the whole bundle can make people feel the pleasure of touching, the pleasure of being wrapped in smooth and angular fine lines is suitable for people who like gentle feeling.Constructed from random triangle polyhedron, the smooth touch brought by the surface without unevenness and the small corners produce a gentle stimulation.
 A structure formed by a triangle bulge. A delicate sense of shock will be generated in a place with dense bulge, and the place with a long space becomes eased gradually. The deeper it is, the more you will feel the circulating layers of stimulation.
Sterile design, health and safety.Whole body waterproof easy to clean and can be used repeatedly.

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