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Jeusn dragon remote control intelligent heating and pulling prostate massager

Jeusn dragon remote control intelligent heating and pulling prostate massager

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Jeusn duron remote control intelligent heating and pulling prostate massager

This is a finger-like prostate massager, which is more intelligent than fingers, fully automatic massage, and the slender head can accurately find point P to stimulate and enjoy prostate climax. The dragon prostate massager can realize double-head vibration, stimulate P spot inside and vibrate balls outside; It is also applicable to women. It vibrates G spot internally, rubs the inner wall of vagina, pulls the clitoris externally, and enjoys both inside and outside. Independent intelligent heating system quickly adapts to the best body temperature of human body and warms it up. Ergonomic design, with a head size of 2.3cm, is also suitable for beginners, and it is easy to help you find the prostate. It imitates the shape of human fingers, keeps fast moving back and forth, and enjoys the massage technique. Wireless remote control adds more fun, which is suitable for single masturbation and flirting with couples. Silicone design can bend at will, and any posture can easily help you find your prostate. Long-term use is helpful for the treatment of prostatitis. USB magnetic charging is durable, waterproof and easy to clean. If you enjoy the pleasure brought by prostate massage, dragon is a good choice.

  •  The head imitates the artificial finger to move and restore the massage feeling of the artificial finger
  • Double-headed tungsten steel vibration module, with limp and numb vibration feeling penetrating prostate nerve
  • Intelligent warming function, hot compress prostate
  • Ultra-slim and compact size, especially for people who use prostate massager for the first time, does not support big and does not support pain
  • Ergonomic design, once inserted, you can find the prostate
  • Tungsten steel vibration module is very quiet, only 48 decibels
  • 10m wireless remote control, quick response and strong signal
  • Pet-name ruby magnetic charging
  • Attending luxury high-end shape design to meet the aesthetic needs of middle and high-end consumers

How to use

Step 1: Lubricate the product and anus (standing) Apply lubricating oil to the part where the dragon penetrates into the body, as well as to your anal entrance.
Step 2: Start inserting (squatting) Squat down, slowly insert the product into the anus, and pull it back and forth several times to make the lubricating oil evenly in the anus
Step 3: Find the prostate(kneeling)
Anal Dragon Auger In the process of slowly inserting hold the product and press forward slightly to find his prostate.When you touch the prostate, you will feel like urinating or soreness, which means you have found it.
Step 4: Start the massage
After you find the prostate, you can start massaging the prostate intensively after
 choosing the right position. It is recommended to use the position:
 OKneeling: kneeling at 90 degrees, with 2 pillows underneath, about 2 fists wide between the
Kneeling on tummy: push up your hips body down, about 2 fists wide between your knees
Side lying: roll the whole person together, hold one leg or both legs
Supine: Lie on your back, with your feet open about 30 cm, your knees close, or you can hold your legs with your hands


Brand: JEUSN
Material: silicone +ABS
Dimensions: 137*125*33mm  insertable 110mm 
Head wide diameter 23mm
The middle width is 29mm in diameter
At the bottom of the fine diameter 17 mm.
Color: white

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