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Roomfun Bathroom Style Detachable Sex Chair

Roomfun Bathroom Style Detachable Sex Chair

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The sex erotic toy of SM named as sex chair is specially designed for sex in water, gaming in the water, or in the bathroom. Having sex playing in the water is something that many people want to try. So, this is particularly shaped for places with water-like bathrooms. You can simply open the sprinkle and feel the adventure of waterfall love. To make it easier to operate and to look after your feelings and comfort we particularly added its handrails. Now you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing and bounce in love. For back entry, the height of a side of the toy is easily adjusted to a pleasant angle. So, it is easy and comfortable for complete back entry. Its height is adaptable and can easily solve the difficulty of inadequate sex space for variable kinds of bodies. This sex furniture is best for the oral sex system. To make the hips reach the perfect height the height of the toy is easily adjusted.  The total scale height is 9CM, remove screws and nylon tubes, lifting standard height is 6cm, meet the needs of people with different weights. Fat and you rise, thin and you come down. So, you can enjoy a variable oral sex adventure.

 The beautiful black colored sex chair is made up of EVA, stainless steel, and flexible band nylon material. This Roomfun sex toy has TPU material and totally non-rusting closed stainless steel pipe that will not enter the water. The material used is anti-skid to stop non-scratching. The labor-saving connecting toy is very fixed with suitable weight and speed so you can modify the body postures. This sex toy will work according to your wish. This is made for bondage sex play. Its rectangular square shape is made to enhance its firmness. You will not face the fear of vicious shaking as its handle shape and your center of gravity are firmer and shielded. It has a stable and precise helical raising system. As it is made especially for water play so it is made 100% waterproof. Its gift box-type packaging is very beautiful and attractive.

Type: sex chair, Sex Furniture
Brand: Roomfun
Material: Stainless steel pipe, TPU belt, nylon plastic, Stainless steel pipe, TPU belt, nylon plastic
Function: Bondage Sex Play
Color: Black
Certification: CE ROHS
Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
Size: 590*450*29mm

How to install
  • After unpacking, you will see five accessories as shown in the figure.
  • As shown in the figure, insert the exposed end of the steel tube of module 1 into Module 2A. The outwardly sloping surface of Module 1 faces outwards.
  • Let two elastic belts across the Module 1 (handrail) and place them on both ends of the handrail as shown in the figure
  • Place the other end of the elastic belts through Module 3. Both sides of module 3 insert into 2A and 2B.
  • Since the product adopts screw-free technology, when the process is finished, push hard on four angles and balance them.
  • Since the product adopts screw-free technology, there are chances angles might not be balanced. If it leans, please adjust diagonally as shown by the arrow in the figure until it is shown in the figure.
  • When adjusting the height, simply pull the sleeve up to the appropriate height. When the satisfactory height is reached, the rotary nut can be fixed under the casing.

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