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Tryfun Black hole pro fully automatic male masturbator sextoy

Tryfun Black hole pro fully automatic male masturbator sextoy

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Tryfun Blackhole pro fully automatic male masturbator sex toy

New upgrades to blackhole promote realism and excitement, on the road to pursuing the ultimate experience and excitement of the masturbation cup are you as "critical" as experienced players? Continuously variable spee+ full channel heating, innovative lifelike experience, mysterious attraction from blackhole highly realistic and strong stimulation, once you enter, you can't escape. the Satisfaction of warm wrapping, dual heating source design channel heating efficiency increased by 2 times, every time it goes deep, the heat flow spreads over the whole body like an electric shock, sinking into the burning emotion of 38.5°c, the Scenes of soft, wet, hot, and unforgettable, the recommended temperature is 38-42°c. minimalist One key, at this moment just indulge in love and lingering start and stop, speed, and mode switching are all integrated into the home button on the panel. With a simple one-click, every nerve ending in the body can be affected. there Is no need to act out to deal with complicated manipulations, just immerse yourself in the peak state of selfless pleasure. challenge The extreme speed of 300 times per minute and experience the weightlessness of the cloud, the stepless control button decelerates to the left and accelerates to the right. A slight touch can affect the level of sensitive nerves and control the release rhythm. the Speed range of blackhole pro is 180-300/min, even the old driver can't last for 3 minutes.

  • Continuously variable-speed technology, the rhythm can be controlled at will, continuously variable transmission is a transmission system in which you can obtain any rotation ratio within the set speed range
  • 4 modes of surging, fast and slow, deep and shallow sultry soul alternate, each frequency is inflamed, nine shallows and one deep to extreme speed sprint every inch deep, scratching the heart into the soul
  •  Fleshy very elastic soft glue tender and tender package, highly restore the tenderness, smoothness, and softness of the private parts of the human body, please be gentle, open the gate of the secret garden
  • Three textures and channel designs to match different sizes and preferences, the black hole pro is equipped with basic soft rubber and a compact version. comfortable soft rubber can be purchased and replaced separately. compact Style applicable diameter range 32-38mm in diameter, basic style applicable diameter range 35-41mm in diameter. Comfortable style applicable diameter range 40-46mm in diameter
  • Integrated heating and drying of the base, after the channel is cleaned, you can use the base drying function to keep the channel dry to avoid odor and bacteria growth. type-c Charging interface heating. The Specific drying time and effect are affected by the moisture content in the channel. It is recommended to wipe first after cleaning and then recommended place it on the heating seat for drying. Automatic drying after power-on will automatically power off after 1 hour of drying.
  • Use tips to get your exclusive pleasure skills channel temperature display, the recommended temperature is38-42℃. If the channel temperature is higher than 42℃, the temperature digital display will continue to flash until the temperature drops to within 40℃.
  • Safe material, safe to use, after the class certification test, the test results of multiple indicators of pots are below the detection limit

How to use:

Long press for 2 seconds, short press twice to switch modes, short press once to pause expansion. power Indicator ring can be used for 45-60 minutes when fully charged, the battery indicator ring turns red when less than 30%.

Warm reminder unlock more happiness correctly, operating noise 65db, please use it in a private environment. When using, please evenly apply the lubricant oil, the lubricant to the penis and the inner wall of the channel.


Product Name: SOUL Series BLACK HOLE PRO Retractable Electric Masturbation Cup
Product Model: TF-D1-HUN-03B
Product Material: TPE for the soft gel interior, and ABS for the cup body. There is a built-in 2,000mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside the product.
Charging Voltage: 5.0V
Charging Current : 0.8A
Rated Voltage: 5.0V
Rated Power: 25W
Charging Time: About 3-4h
Duration: About 1h(depending on the use mode)
Product Name: Hot-air Bottom Cover of Soul Series Black Hole PRO
Retractable Electric Masturbation Cup
Product Material: ABS
Rated Voltage: 5.0V
Rated Power: 10W
Weight: 830g

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