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14" Purple Cat Tail Metal Plug

14" Purple Cat Tail Metal Plug

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Fantasy pet play is one of the unconventional fetishes in the world today. Some people get off on begging and pleading. Others get aroused by humiliating a submissive. A fantasy pet play is where a person gets turned on by having sex with someone dressed up like an animal. The act may be perceived as raunchy and sexy for someone who is into it.

Our 14" Purple Cat Tail Metal Plug will give you both style and pleasure. Beginners and enthusiasts most often favor metal over other materials. Metal is durable and ideal for long-term use. It has a smooth surface and is temperature-sensitive. Metal butt plugs can be used for temperature play by simply submerging the device in hot or cold temperature for added sexual stimulation.

Achieve intense arousal with our 14" Purple Cat Tail Metal Plug. The fluffy and feathery feel of the tail is a total turn-on. But before getting too giddy, don't miss applying lube before using the device. Try circling the anus with your lubed finger, then gently insert it; try two if deemed necessary. This step will help stretch the muscles in your anus to avoid trauma and perforation. It is important to do this with caution and precision. To remove the plug, bear down and gently pull the plug out.

Metal butt plugs are easy to clean. Rinse the device with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Always wipe the device with a dry cloth and store it in a dry place to prevent bacteria build-up. Metal butt plugs can also be sterilized by submerging it in boiling water.

To prevent the transmission of STDs, Hepatitis B, and other diseases, it is best to cover the plug with a condom before using it. Also, it is ideal not to share the toy with your partner.

Embrace the different and accept diversity with our 14" Purple Cat Tail Metal Plug. Get yours now.

Color Purple (tail), Silver (plug)
Type Tail Plug

Plug: Stainless Steel



Handle: about 35 cm (13.78")

Plug: 7 cm (2.76")


Handle: N/A

Plug: 3 cm.(1.18")

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