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3 Pieces Multi Color Jewel-plated Stainless steel Plug

3 Pieces Multi Color Jewel-plated Stainless steel Plug

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Size Chart

Giving all of your attention and affection to your partner is sometimes not enough. You would want to capture that sense of excitement that you always had in the beginning. Trying on something different will surely grab his or her attention.

Get the 3 Pieces Multi Color Jewel-plated Stainless steel plug and seize that sense of wonder in your lover. This set is made of premium stainless steel, a premium type of material that is safe for body use. Steel also has the inherent property of being heavy to satisfy those that are looking for that dense fullness in the ass.

It will be easy to slide these toys inside the bum because they are smooth on the surface. The smallest plug has a length of 7 cm (2.76") and a width of 2.8 cm (1.10"), an ideal size for those who are still beginning to discover anal stimulation for the first time. The largest size has a length of 9.5 cm (3.74") and a diameter of 4 cm (1.57"), a sizeable plug for those who desire for that vast expanse to fill in the hunger of their ass.

Playing with these toys can be done in so many ways. You can plug the device inside your tushie and stroke the most sensitive parts of your body. Just imagine the simultaneous stimulation even when you're doing it solo! And if you can't get enough of that bum stuffing, you can wear it as you go about your day. It can be your naughty little secret while moving around.

Each movement you make will create sensual stimulation to pleasure zones of your anal canal. You can then have wild anal sex with your partner at the end of the day as your ass has already been warmed up.

Grab the set now and feel the difference!


Jewel: Red, Light Purple, Green, Light Green, Purple

Plug: Silver

Type Jeweled Plugs

Jewel: Acrylic Crystal

Plug: Stainless Steel



Small - 7 cm (2.76 in.)

Medium - 8.2 cm (3.23 in.)

Large- 9.5 cm (3.74 in.)


Small - 2.8 cm (1.10 in)

Medium - 3.4 cm (1.34 in.)

Large - 4 cm (1.57 in.)

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