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Black Wolf - Various Types to Choose From

Black Wolf - Various Types to Choose From

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Size Chart

Hey there, wolf wanna-be! Have you ever wondered what it's like to glance at the moon and howl away? Do you want to transform into a beast and enchant your mate into the wildest depths of your imagination? Well, we have some good news for you. The best way to achieve all of that and more is by turning yourself into an animal, and what better animal can partner with the darkness of night and the brilliance of the moonlight than a wolf? Let's help you become the alpha by changing you into the leader of the pack; and what better way can we help you than our very own Black Wolf Anal Plug.

This might be one of our widest (if not the most) variants of animal tail plugs in this collection. Black Wolf Anal Plug is available in three different plug materials: silicone, metal, and frosted metal. All are ensured to be of high-quality and medical grade because your health comes first, and your safety comes second so we made sure that all of our plugs are free from nicks and sharp edges to avoid internal injuries. As promised, there are multiple plug shapes and styles to choose from so you can never run out of options. The tail is soft, fluffy, and fit for the untamed creature in bed.

The only hard time that we'll be giving you for our Black Wolf Anal Plug is probably going to be the choices that you have to pick. Male or female, wolves are cunning, brave, and ready to fight for loyalty. If these personalities fit you or your partner, this wolf tail butt plug is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can take your chances and alter your traits by using Black Wolf Anal Plug and see if it'll take you to the moon and back.


Handle: Grey, Black

Plug: Pink (Silicone), Silver (Stainless Steel), Black (Frosted Metal)

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Silicone, Stainless Steel



handle: approx. 35cm

plug: A (Silicone): S – 7cm, M – 8cm, L – 9cm

B (Metal): S – 7cm, M – 8cm, L – 9cm

C (Metal): S – 7cm, M – 8cm, L – 9cm

D (Frosted Metal): S – 7cm, M – 8cm, L – 9cm

E (Metal): S – 7.5cm, M – 9.5cm, L – 10.5cm

F: 7.5cm

G: 7.5cm

H: 7.5cm

I: 10cm

J: 11.5cm

K: 10.5cm


handle: n/a

plug: A (Silicone): S – 2.8cm, M – 3.4cm, L – 4cm

B (Metal): S – 2.8cm, M – 3.4cm, L – 4cm

C (Metal): S – 2.8cm, M – 3.4cm, L – 4cm

D (Frosted Metal): S – 2.8cm, M – 3.4cm, L – 4cm

E (Metal): S – 2.8cm, M – 3.4cm, L – 3.8cm

F: 2.9cm widest

G: 2.9cm widest

H: 2.8cm widest

I: 3.6cm widest

J: 2.9cm widest

K: 2.9cm widest

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